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Tyre Manufacturers - Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop was founded in Birmingham in 1889 by John Boyd and have since become one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers in producing high and ultra-performance tyres. They also have a very impressive track record in Motorsport so if you’re wanting to fully maximise your driving experience then Dunlop can offer various sizes and patterns plus an excellent selection in run-flats. 

Using the very latest in tyre technologies they are continuing to be pioneers of innovation and can supply you with car, van, 4x4, and SUV ranges. All Dunlop tyres are designed to fit with whatever your driving style maybe, whether it be high performance you’re looking for or something for general everyday use you will find it with Dunlop. All tyres that are produced specifically have the safety of the driver and passenger in mind so are fully maximised to ensure you receive enhanced braking responsiveness as well as maximising the complete control of your vehicle on wet and dry roads, therefore, enhancing the confidence of the driver. 

Dunlop has always been heavily involved in Motorsports and this year the company was delighted to be crowned champions in the VLN long-distance championship at the German Nürburgring. 

Each tyre comes with a 30-day pledge and allows you one whole month to decide whether you wish to keep your tyres or change for a different set of Dunlop’s at no additional cost to you, which is another added benefit that this well-known trusted manufacturer offers to you the driver. 

To purchase your Dunlop tyres, why not use our simple on-line ordering facility by entering the tyre size you require or your vehicle registration number and within a couple of clicks you will receive a price we’re sure you will be happy with. Alternatively, feel free to give us a call and one of our experts here at Smartfit Autocentre will be more than happy to help. 

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Dunlop Tyres Models

Dunlop Econo Drive  TyresEcono Drive  Tyres
Econo Drive
Dunlop Enasave 2030  TyresEnasave 2030  Tyres
Enasave 2030
Dunlop Enasave EC300+  TyresEnasave EC300+  Tyres
Enasave EC300+
Dunlop Enasave EC300+ RHD  TyresEnasave EC300+ RHD  Tyres
Enasave EC300+ RHD
Dunlop Grandtrek AT2  TyresGrandtrek AT2  Tyres
Grandtrek AT2
Dunlop Grandtrek AT20  TyresGrandtrek AT20  Tyres
Grandtrek AT20
Dunlop Grandtrek AT22  TyresGrandtrek AT22  Tyres
Grandtrek AT22
Dunlop Grandtrek AT23  TyresGrandtrek AT23  Tyres
Grandtrek AT23
Dunlop Grandtrek AT3  TyresGrandtrek AT3  Tyres
Grandtrek AT3
Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 XL TyresGrandtrek AT3 XL Tyres
Grandtrek AT3 XL
Dunlop Grandtrek PT2A  TyresGrandtrek PT2A  Tyres
Grandtrek PT2A
Dunlop Grandtrek PT2A RHD  TyresGrandtrek PT2A RHD  Tyres
Grandtrek PT2A RHD
Dunlop Grandtrek PT4000 XL TyresGrandtrek PT4000 XL Tyres
Grandtrek PT4000 XL
Dunlop Grandtrek SJ5  TyresGrandtrek SJ5  Tyres
Grandtrek SJ5
Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6  TyresGrandtrek SJ6  Tyres
Grandtrek SJ6
Dunlop Grandtrek ST1  TyresGrandtrek ST1  Tyres
Grandtrek ST1
Dunlop Grandtrek ST20  TyresGrandtrek ST20  Tyres
Grandtrek ST20
Dunlop Grandtrek ST30  TyresGrandtrek ST30  Tyres
Grandtrek ST30
Dunlop Grandtrek TG30  TyresGrandtrek TG30  Tyres
Grandtrek TG30
Dunlop Grandtrek TG32  TyresGrandtrek TG32  Tyres
Grandtrek TG32
Dunlop Grandtrek TG35  TyresGrandtrek TG35  Tyres
Grandtrek TG35
Dunlop Grandtrek Touring A/S  TyresGrandtrek Touring A/S  Tyres
Grandtrek Touring A/S
Dunlop Grandtrek Touring A/S XL TyresGrandtrek Touring A/S XL Tyres
Grandtrek Touring A/S XL
Dunlop Grandtrek Winter M3  TyresGrandtrek Winter M3  Tyres
Grandtrek Winter M3
Dunlop Grandtrek Winter M3 XL TyresGrandtrek Winter M3 XL Tyres
Grandtrek Winter M3 XL
Dunlop SP FastResponse  TyresSP FastResponse  Tyres
SP FastResponse
Dunlop SP LT30  TyresSP LT30  Tyres
Dunlop SP LT60  TyresSP LT60  Tyres
Dunlop SP LT8  TyresSP LT8  Tyres
Dunlop SP Qualifier TG20 XL TyresSP Qualifier TG20 XL Tyres
SP Qualifier TG20 XL