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At Smartfit we accept 99% of all warrantied vehicles so if you own a car that has a warranty contract already in place, you know that you can call into any of the Smartfit Auto centres and relax knowing that Smartfit are able to repair your vehicle through your warranty.

No problem paperwork to complete, just leave it all to us…

What is Car Warranty?

Not all of us know what a car warranty can guarantee us, but most of us are aware that we need it. Warranties are not that difficult to comprehend as it is bound with just simple concepts. The terms written on the policies may be familiar to people who have already purchased a new car.

When you buy a new car, you are automatically given a warranty and the span of the warranty depends on the car dealer. Most dealers give 1 year, while others cover a longer period.

If the warranty expires, it means that your benefits also have reached the finish line, but you still have the option to avail of an extended warranty. If you want to get the same coverage, you will now have to invest on it.

Think of the peace of mind that it can give you rather than the money that it may cost you.

Smartfit Car Warranty


SMARTFIT are car warranty specialists, including used car warranty, new car warranty, extended warranty, performance car warranty and prestige car warranty. We are able to obtain qutations through the leading providers of direct consumer warranties.

You can purchase a warranty for your car at any time. If your car manufacturer warranty is coming to a close we can offer a high level of cover at a particularly competitive price.

Get a quote today from Smartfit and you’ll see that protecting your car against the cost and hassle of unexpected failure couldn’t be easier.