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Smartfit Air conditioning service

Professional climate service made to measure.

Although the air conditioning is not one of the safety-relevant components of a vehicle, it still requires regular and thorough maintenance. Only in this way can it be ensured that the temperature control of the interior works properly and that no harmful bacteria form in the air conditioning system.

In our Smartfit workshop in Peterborough, we carry out Free Air Conditioning Performance Tests.

We have been doing air condition inspections and maintenance of air conditioning systems for many years. Our specialists are familiar with a wide range of vehicle models and recognise defects thanks to many years of experience in the shortest possible time. Here you will find a brief overview of the range of air conditioning services offered by our specialist workshop:


How an air conditioner works

  • Careful check of the functioning of all components of the air conditioner
  • Replacement of the refrigerant to ensure optimal efficiency
  • Check the dryer for proper function
  • Expert assessment of the cabin air filter
  • Thorough disinfection of the interior to provide the highest standards of hygiene

Vehicle manufacturers recommend annual inspection and maintenance of the most important components for vehicles with air conditioning. Spring is particularly suitable as the point in time when the air conditioning system has stood still for a long time and must deliver top performance in the summer. If you are not sure whether you need an air conditioning service, just drop by our specialist workshop on Welland Road for a free aircon-check and get advice without any obligation.

The air conditioning in a vehicle is constructed from a technical point of view like a refrigerator. In the circuit of the system circulates a refrigerant, which absorbs heat on one side via a heat exchanger and thereby evaporates. The now gaseous agent is brought using a compressor to a higher pressure and temperature level and releases the heat absorbed on the other side of the circuit to the environment. By transporting the heat from one side to the other, a cooling effect occurs inside the car.

In addition to the compressor of the air conditioning, the evaporator, the condenser and the expansion valve are among the most important components. Due to their function, these components are subject to wear and must, therefore, be checked regularly for their proper function. Also, the hoses and seals of the coolant circuit can age and dry out, resulting in leaks in the worst case.

Experts estimate that about eight percent of the coolant is lost per year due to leaks. Due to the loss of cooling medium, the performance of the air conditioning decreases noticeably. If the climatic comfort in the interior of your car is no longer satisfactory in the summer, it may be necessary to refill the coolant. During the inspection of your air conditioning system, we can refill the cooling medium in the shortest possible time and thus ensure the correct operation of the system.

We are also happy to undertake thorough disinfection of the air conditioning system as part of the air conditioning service. In the process, bacteria, fungi and germs in the interior of the air conditioning system are killed by suitable disinfectant sprays or foams.

Make an appointment today for the air conditioning service or simply come in for a free air conditioner check.