Premium tyres from the world's largest manufacturer

Bridgestone is not only the world's largest manufacturer of tyres and rubber products - almost every fifth vehicle worldwide is equipped with Bridgestone tyres. Above all, Bridgestone tyres impress with their high-quality craft, which enables comfortable and economical driving. As a result, many Bridgestone tyres have OE approvals from many international automakers.

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Latest technologies for better tyres

Bridgestone tyres feature the latest technologies for a safe and comfortable ride. Back in 1987, Bridgestone developed a tyre with run-flat technology for the Porsche 959. Due to the reinforced side walls of the Bridgestone tyre, the journey could be continued at a reduced speed even if the tread was damaged and a tyre change at the roadside could be avoided. Other tyre manufacturers were only able to bring this technology to series production years later.

Ecopia tyres for environmentally friendly driving

With the Ecopia, Bridgestone has developed a tyre that combines high safety and direct handling with efficient driving. Minimised rolling resistance significantly reduces fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions. Ecopia tyres are original equipment for small cars like the VW up! Or the Toyota iQ.

Bridgestone tyres always reach the top positions in independent tyres test. Whether it's summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres or run-flat tyres.

So, going for Bridgestone Tyres is a good choice and choosing to buy from Smartfit is an even better choice!

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