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More than just an exhaust - the car exhaust system

The competent exhaust service from your Smartfit experts in Peterborough

The exhaust system takes care of vehicles with an internal combustion engine, to process the exhaust gases resulting from the combustion safely, environmentally friendly and quiet and dissipate them to the environment.

The exhaust reduces the environmental and noise pollution and protects you and your environment from the emission of toxic fumes. A defective exhaust system not only affects fuel consumption and can potentially damage the engine badly but is also to be avoided regarding environmental protection.

In our Smartfit workshop in Peterborough, we, therefore, offer a comprehensive exhaust service, in which we put the complete exhaust system to the test. Our skilled professionals use state-of-the-art measuring methods to determine whether the system is working correctly and the prescribed exhaust emissions values are being met. If we recognise defective components in the exhaust system, we will replace the parts if you wish. We will certainly speak to you first and present you with an estimate so you can decide without any pressure or obligation whether you want us to carry out any repairs.


The exhaust system

The exhaust system of a vehicle with internal combustion engine consists of many components with different functions. Colloquially, often only the tailpipe of the exhaust system is called the exhaust since it is the only externally visible part of the exhaust system.

The exhaust system consists mainly of the bifurcated pipe, the exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter and several silencers. The bifurcated pipe is located immediately behind the manifold and merges the exhaust gases of the vehicle. The subsequent catalyst is responsible for the chemical cleaning of the exhaust gases and uses a chemical coating to ensure that environmentally harmful substances are converted into environmentally friendly substances. Also, several mufflers are usually used, which are responsible for a significant noise reduction due to a cross-sectional widening and an intelligent geometry. The remaining exhaust fumes are finally discharged into the environment via the tailpipe.

The individual components of the exhaust system are stressed during each drive due to extremely high temperatures. Also, road salt and moisture build up in the material, are causing corrosion and hole in the exhaust in the worst case. Especially the rear silencer is heavily stressed due to its location and often stops working.

A defective exhaust system, for example, can be identified by a reduced engine output with increased noise and high fuel consumption. In these cases, we recommend that you visit our specialist workshop immediately.

Please also keep in mind, with a defective exhaust system, your vehicle will fail the MOT


The services as part of the exhaust service

By regularly checking the exhaust system, you can prevent nasty surprises and replace worn or damaged components at an early stage. Our Smartfit exhaust service includes a comprehensive review of all elements of the exhaust system and a professional assessment of the functionality.

We are happy to take over the replacement of defective parts such as a worn silencer as part of the inspection. We only use high-quality replacement parts with long service life. Of course, we take care after the removal of old exhaust parts to the environmentally friendly disposal.

Have your exhaust system checked regularly in our specialist workshop and benefit from the maximum service life.

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