Gearbox Repairs

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Here at Smartfit Autocentre in Peterborough, we specialize in gearboxes on all makes and models of cars, high performance, 4x4 and light commercials and are privileged to have a team of experts on hand to advise.

Have you ever wondered what purpose the gearbox service? Well here is a guide to try and help explain:


A vehicle requires high torque when climbing hills and starting the engine. On the other hand, when running at high speeds on level road surfaces, high torque is not required due to the momentum. The gearbox is the second element of power in a vehicle. It is used to change the speed and torque of the vehicle according to the road and load condition. The gearbox is there to convert the engine's torque into the wheel traction needed to control the motion resistance. As the engine only operates in a low-speed range, the gearbox transforms the wheel speeds required. Alongside the clutch, the gearbox also enables comfortable starting.

Do you think you have a problem with your gearbox? Here are some tell-tale signs to look out for:

Are you experiencing problems when trying to change gear? This could indicate low lubricant levels, or it may mean the clutch linkage requires adjusting or lubricating.

Does the gearbox sound noisy when the car is in gear? This may be the bearings, or one of the gears have become damaged or worn, this can also be down to low lubricant levels.

Is it noisy when you’re in neutral? This may be down to worn teeth on the gears or low lubricant levels.

Have you noticed any leakage? This may indicate a crack in the gearbox, or loose bolts or have you filled the gearbox with too much lubricant?

We value the safety of all our customers so if you are experiencing any of the above then we strongly advise you to contact us here at Smartfit in Peterborough and our highly skilled technicians will inspect your gearbox and transmission and advise as to whether we can replace worn out items or if you require a whole new gearbox. We can service both manual and automatic vehicles using the latest equipment so why not give us a call today to get your vehicle booked in at a time to suit you.