Fast and reliable car repairs and auto part replacements

Whether your car requires minor repair work or a major auto part replacement, Smartfit is the perfect solution. We understand that car breakdowns can have a drastic effect on your schedule. We use genuine vehicle parts to correspond with the specific vehicle warranty so that once fixed, your car rarely has any breakdowns or mechanical issues.

Smartfit can do a full Vehicle Diagnostics test Due to the amount of vehicle electronics now on modern vehicles, you may often see a warning light illuminated on your dashboard. Don't panic, these may simply be a glitch within the ECU or something even more simple. Here at Smartfit, we have a wide range of vehicle diagnostic equipment to diagnose everything from engine management, ABS right through to air bag warning lamps. With diagnostics starting from £9.99+ VAT, you could very easily have your mind put to rest or prevent a small issue becoming a large problem.

Why Choose Smartfit Auto centre?

  • No cheap filters, exhausts and spares used *1

  • Auto part replacement with warranty
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Smartfit Autos aims to keep your car in peak condition throughout its life.

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