Suspension and Shock Absorbers

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A good suspension and fully functional shock absorbers - important for comfort and safety

Suspension and shock absorbers - what's the difference?

For example, if you drive through a pothole or over a bump, the suspension spring allows a vertical movement of the wheels so that the passenger floor will remain at level. After driving through- or over the pothole/bump the springs would continue to move up and down. To prevent this "Camel ride", shock absorbers are used to dampen the springing motions of the suspension.

Have the shock absorbers checked regularly

Shock absorbers are part of the safety-related components in the chassis and are responsible for letting the resulting vibrations abate when driving over bumps. The device takes advantage of the hydraulic properties of oil to convert vibration energy into heat and thus provide for the dampening of the damped oscillation.

Shock absorbers are among the most stressed components of the chassis and are therefore subject to natural wear. A defective shock absorber has considerable influence on ride comfort and fuel consumption. Here are some pointers for detecting a broken shock absorber:

  • The braking distance is extended.
  • In curves, a loss of control is noticeable.
  • The tyres wear unusually strong.
  • In wet road conditions aquaplaning is noticeable.
  • Wheel bearings and other components of the chassis wear out more than average.
  • The ride comfort decreases.

Vehicle makers recommend regular component inspection due to the significant impact of defective shock absorbers. The recommended interval is usually a mileage of about 12000 to 15000 miles.

In our Smartfit workshop in Peterborough, we will check your vehicle suspension, test your shock absorbers for proper function and replace defective components with high-quality replacement parts. If you notice any of the above symptoms while driving, you should visit our specialist garage as soon as possible. Our experienced and highly qualified mechanics will have a thorough look at the shock absorbers and suspension and assess the condition in no time.

The benefits of a regular test of shock absorbers

Our shock absorber service includes the visual inspection of all relevant parts. At best, you should have this visual inspection repeated at an interval of about 12000 miles to ensure proper operation. We check the functionality of your shock absorbers and the suspension and replace defective components if necessary.

By regularly inspecting the shock absorbers, you can save money as a vehicle owner. If any damage is detected early, you can avoid consequential damage to the suspension, tyres, brake system, or steering, and prevent costly repairs. Also, you benefit from lower wear on many vehicle components.

Thanks to the high level of comfort with functional suspension and shock absorbers, you benefit from maximum safety when driving. The braking distance for regularly maintained shock absorbers is up to 20 percent shorter - a difference that can save lives in an emergency.

Lower tyre wear also reduces fuel consumption and reduces operating costs. The investment in a regular inspection of the shock absorber usually pays for itself within a short time.

Just come to see us at our specialist Smartfit workshop and have your car suspension/shock absorbers checked by our team of experts.