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Professional tyre repairs - Welcome to Smartfit in Peterborough.

On this page, we would like to tell you when a tyre repair is worthwhile.

Tyres are among the most stressed parts of a vehicle and also represent safety-related components whose failure can result in serious consequences. A regular tyre quality test is therefore indispensable for optimum safety and is regularly carried out by our Smartfit experts. During vehicle inspections/service, the inspection of the tyres for possible damage is part of the service.

The most common puncture injuries include puncture and cut damage, which can occur in different ways. In most cases, sharp objects lying on the roadway will cause a puncture. The typical damage includes, for example, the retracted nail, which does not directly lead to a loss of air, but usually causes long-term damage.

Depending on the damage diagnosed, the structure of the tyre can be significantly impaired, and the ride comfort reduced considerably. In addition, the life expectancy of the tyre is reduced by impact, cutting and puncture injuries.

The specialists in our Smartfit workshop have many years of experience with a wide variety of tyre damage and can quickly assess whether a repair is possible or a replacement of the tyre is unavoidable.

We inspect and repair your tyre in next to no time

If you feel that one of your tyres has been damaged by a shock or an object, you should visit our specialist workshop immediately. A damaged tyre can pose a significant safety risk depending on the nature of the damage and should, therefore, be repaired straight away.

Damage to the tyre is sometimes not directly visible but is found during an inspection. A retracted nail has in many cases no direct effect on the ride comfort but leads to a persistent loss of air and associated uneven load distribution in tyres and suspension. If you notice a slight fluttering of the steering wheel when driving or if the car vibrates at speeds between 50 and 75 mph, there may be a puncture.

Within the scope of an inspection, the highly qualified specialists of our Smartfit workshop can assess within a few minutes whether replacement or repair is required. In the case of damage in the form of cuts or impact injuries, the length of the damage is especially important. Damage up to a size of 5 mm gives you a good chance of repairing the tyre. Until inspection of the tyre, you should take into account that any retracted nails or screws are not to be removed so that the air cannot suddenly escape.

A repair will save you the expense of investing in a new tyre and will usually make sense under the following circumstances:

  • If the damage to the tyre has been detected a short time after the incident and the vehicle has not been driven longer distances with insufficient tyre pressure
  • If no temporary repair has been carried out before with tools and material such as a puncture spray
  • If the tread depth is still sufficient for another season
  • If the damage does not exceed 5 mm
  • If there is no sidewall damage

So if you are noticing pressure loss in your tyre or can see an object sticking in your tyre, please come to us immediately. No appointment needed! We will help you straight away.

We want you to be safe!

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