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When changing the wheels of cars or commercial vehicles on a seasonal basis, it is advisable to check the tyres for any imbalance. An imbalance not only causes the wheels to run in an uneven way, thereby affecting the ride comfort but also affects the entire vehicle. Thus, a permanently unevenly distributed load while driving leads to asymmetrical load distribution and one-sided wear of the tyre profile. Also, the entire chassis of the car is loaded unevenly, which might cause costly repairs.

In our Smartfit workshop in Peterborough, we check wheels of cars or commercial vehicles for any imbalance. In this way, we prevent uneven wear of the tyre tread and allow maximum wheel life. If we notice an imbalance, our experienced specialists can use our modern balancing technology to ensure smooth running again. Our trained professionals can quickly judge when balancing is needed with a trained eye.

How does an imbalance develop?

Imbalances usually result from uneven wear on the tyres. Due to the resulting different tread depth of the tyre, the mass of the rotating body, the wheel is no longer symmetrical to the axis of rotation. This imbalance enhances the effect of uneven wear and, in the long run, significantly degrades driving comfort.


As a vehicle owner, you can easily notice an imbalance in the handling of the car. A typical indication of an imbalance, for example, a "flapping" steering wheel, which is associated with decreasing ride comfort. Especially at speeds between 50 and 80 mph, the imbalance is also noticeable by a continuous vibration of the vehicle. At high speeds, even very small imbalances on the tyre due to the resulting centrifugal forces have a strong effect on driving the behaviour. An imbalance of about 10 grams at a speed of about 60 mph causes a centrifugal force corresponding to a weight of 2.5 kg. Uncontrolled steering movements and uneven loading of the chassis bearing components can be the result.

We eliminate the imbalance in your wheels

Our experienced Smartfit mechanics check your wheels in our workshop for an imbalance and have the necessary equipment for balancing. As a rule, the stationary method is used to eliminate the imbalance. The tyre is clamped on a balancing machine and rotated. Sensors analyse the course of the profile surfaces and assess whether an imbalance exists. The uneven running of the wheels is targeted, and small weights are attached to the rim. These weights compensate for the imbalance in the mass distribution and ensure a smooth running.

In the case of alternatively used electronic fine balancing, the wheels remain attached to the vehicle during the inspection. This analysis method also takes into account the possibility of irregularities on the wheel hub or the brake drum.

The regular checking of the wheels of passenger cars or commercial vehicles for any imbalance is of great importance for ensuring the maximum service life. Also, costly consequential damage to the chassis, the wheel bearings or suspensions can be avoided. As a vehicle owner, you benefit from wheel balancing in our workshop by:

  • A higher mileage
  • A higher driving comfort
  • More driving safety

So if you have the feeling, there might be an imbalance, or if you need more information about this topic, please get in touch.

When you come to us to get new tyres fitted, we will certainly balance your wheels as part of our fitting service.

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