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After a few years of operation, the power of even the best car battery is coming to an end, and a replacement battery is needed.

However, good advice is often hard to get.

Buying a car battery is unfortunately not as easy as buying batteries for other devices. There are many different models, sizes and qualities available which makes it very difficult for most car owners to find the right battery at the right price.

Before you start struggling with looking for a new battery for your car, just get in touch with us - Smartfit on Peterborough's Welland Road.

We can help you to find exactly the right battery at the perfect price.

Here are a few things every vehicle owner should know about batteries:

How to recognise the right battery for your vehicle

For a new car, look at the data from the old battery, but for used cars, this is not so easy because the previous owner may have installed a wrong or too low-power battery.

If you are not sure which battery is right for your car, ask your car's manufacturer or come to us. Specifying the engine as well as the model is important.

It should be noted whether it is diesel or petrol. Diesel vehicles and petrol engines have different batteries depending on the power of the engine.

Car batteries have between 30 and 120 Ah. The abbreviation Ah stands here for ampere/hours. The smaller a vehicle is (small or compact car), the lower the number of ampere-hours must be. For larger vehicles (Luxury/SUV's), this number is of course higher.

In addition to battery power, the actual size of the battery is very important. After removing the old battery, measure it. Your new battery must not be too big or too small, as it must not slip from the battery compartment while driving.

Why struggle? Come to your Smartfit garage on Welland Road. We will have a look at your old battery, check the size and match the power of your vehicle type.

We will be able to offer you different quality batteries, just right for your budget.

Paying attention to quality when buying does not necessarily mean that you only have to resort to expensive products.

You also don't need to worry about fitting. We will certainly do it for you.

Any questions?

Please get in touch. We will be happy to help.