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Professional brake service for a safe journey - Smartfit, Welland Road in Peterborough

The brake system is one of the most safety-relevant components of vehicles and should, therefore, be tested regularly for proper function. By maintaining the brake system, any damage can be detected at an early stage, brake failure is thus prevented efficiently, and expensive repairs can be avoided.

In our Smartfit workshop, we offer you a competent free brake check and a comprehensive brake service. Our qualified car mechanics inspect brake discs, linings, brake fluid and all seals with the help of modern methods and ensure the whole brake system is working properly. Since many components of the brake system are functionally dependent on wearing parts, regular maintenance and inspection is a prerequisite for a safe journey.

The components of the brake system

During the braking process, the driver operates the brake pedal of the vehicle, whereby brake fluid is supplied to the brake cylinder and the brake calliper. By this hydraulic pressure build-up, a frictional effect is generated between the brake discs and the brake pad, which causes a negative acceleration and thereby reduces the speed of the vehicle.


During the braking process, enormous temperatures and pressure forces occur, causing the components involved, such as the brake pads and the brake discs, to wear out. The stronger the braking action, the greater the wear and the lower the service life of the brake system. An anticipatory driving style significantly extends the life expectancy of brake pads and brake discs.

If you want to have your brakes tested by an expert for proper functioning, you are welcome to drop in at our specialist Smartfit workshop on Peterborough's Welland Road. Using modern methods and the latest equipment, we examine the safety-relevant components of the system and replace worn components if necessary.

Our brake service - the range of services

Our popular brake service includes testing all important components of the braking system. Starting with the brake discs on the brake pads and the seals on the brake pedal.

The brake discs are usually made of grey cast iron and are therefore more resistant than the brake pads. Our experts recommend that you also replace the brake discs every second time you change the pads to ensure maximum system life and maximum safety. The manufacturer defines the wear limit for brake discs by specifying a minimum thickness. As part of the brake service, we check the thickness of the discs and replace the component if necessary. If the brake pads are not replaced in time in case of high wear, the brake discs can be affected. An early replacement of the pads, therefore, saves any resulting repair costs.

From a safety point of view, the brake fluid also plays a decisive role in the brake system. It transmits the enormous hydraulic forces from the brake pedal via the brake lines to the cylinder. Since the liquid accumulates in the course of time with air and the braking effect therefore decreases, regular maintenance is recommended. Also, oxygen-enriched brake fluid can also cause corrosion to other components.

You can detect increased wear on your brake system, among other things, by the following features:

  • The brake warning light on the dashboard lights up
  • The brake pedal reacts with a delay
  • The braking effect noticeably decreases
  • The braking process causes rubbing or squeaking noises
  • So, if you notice any of these signs, please don't hesitate to come to us.

It's all about your safety!

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