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Important for high driving safety and low tyre wear: the wheel alignment

Wheel alignment/tracking - Peterborough – Smartfit!

Wheel alignment for perfect directional stability

An ideal axle geometry is crucial for perfect straight-line stability, high ride comfort and even tyre wear. If the axle geometry is only slightly misaligned, tracking errors occur and unpleasant concomitants occur when driving:

  • An up to 80 percent lower mileage performance of the tyres
  • Significantly higher fuel consumption
  • Pulling to the left or right - poor directional stability
  • Askew steering wheel, spongy steering behaviour
  • Squeaking while driving around a bend
All these symptoms indicate a misalignment in vehicles and should be examined immediately in a specialist workshop. Typically, a misalignment of the axle geometry occurs during collision damage or minor accidents or even when driving through potholes or hitting a kerbstone. The axle geometry specialists in our Smartfit workshop in Peterborough can check with a trained eye and the most advanced technology whether your vehicle's wheel alignment needs adjusting. As part of an exact wheel alignment, it is determined whether the lane, camber and caster values comply with the standard.


This is how a professional wheel alignment works

If your vehicle steers by itself in a certain direction, the tyres are more worn on one side or the fuel consumption is higher than usual, a lane misalignment could be present.

As part of axle alignment, our experts therefore first check the tyre profiles for uneven wear and tear. The subsequent exact electronic measurement of the wheels then finally provides information about whether a track adjustment is necessary. The optical-electronic measurement and adjustment process not only allows us to precisely measure the axis geometry but also to correctly adjust it at the same time. Thus, the settings of the axle geometry specified by the manufacturer are restored in a short time.

In technical jargon, wheel alignment often refers to camber and Caster. The camber defines the inclination of the wheel to the vertical. Positive camber means that the wheel is tilted outwards. The caster, on the other hand, describes the difference between the front and rear wheel spacing of an axle and is usually given in mm.

If individual components of the axle geometry are badly damaged, we will certainly install a suitable spare part in consultation with you.

The advantages of a perfect axle geometry

Ensuring perfect straight-line stability can be carried out cost-effectively in our specialist workshop. The investment usually pays off within a short time, as fuel consumption drops and the tyres benefit from a longer service life. Also, the burden of expensive components such as the suspension, the shock absorber or the springs is reduced, whereby expensive repairs can be avoided. Last but not least, you also increase the safety of you and your passengers. Left or right turn or a spongy steering behaviour can lead to devastating accidents.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to visit our Smartfit specialist workshop in

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