Car Tyres

Tyres are the connection between the road and the vehicle. Basically, via the "footprint" of the tyre, all forces are transferred - or not - then the vehicle will not be able to follow the will of the driver.

Also, the tyres absorb bumps from the road and spring it off.

Tread depth

In the middle 75 percent of the tread width, the tyre must have at least 1.6 mm residual profile (experts strongly recommend at least 3-4 mm!). With "TWI" (stands for "tread wear indicator"), an arrow or the company symbol or indicator points indicate where this can be easily controlled.

An exact check is only possible with a profile depth gauge.


Damage to the sidewall of the tyre is dangerous:

Cracks and cuts that extend to the tissue lead to a puncture when loaded. You have to mount the spare wheel and have this tyre replaced

However, when driving over the curb, the layer of tissue in the side wall may also break, without the rubber layer being destroyed over it: you will recognise this by bumps in the side wall. You have to mount the spare wheel and have this tyre replaced.

If there is a screw or nail in the tread, you can have the tyre repaired. Unless the side wall is damaged, repair is not possible.

Of course, if parts of the tread are peeling off, you'll need to have that tyre replaced as


Rims must not be damaged. Slight scratches from touching a curb though are harmless.

Wear on the front tyres

If the tyre is badly worn on one side only, the wheel position is not correct. The wheel position is specified exactly by the vehicle manufacturer; these values are pre- or after-lane, camber and caster.

If you, for example, hit the pavement a little when driving, the wheel position may change so that the tyres wear out faster on one side. Then you have to get the wheel alignment corrected in a workshop.

Please check your tyres regularly for damage or wear. If you are not sure, please come to see us in our Smart Fit garage at 7 Welland Road, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough.

We will check the tyres for you, measure the tread and the tyre pressure.

We don't want to scare you, but please keep in mind that badly worn or damaged tyres can burst at any time. Massive accidents can be the result.

At Smartfit in Peterborough, we will make sure you are safe.

In case you need new tyres, we will be happy to help you to find just the right ones for your vehicle - and your wallet.

You can certainly buy your tyres online as well. Please have a look at our website. Just follow the easy instructions, and within a few minutes, you will find your perfect tyres. The ordering and payment page is safe and fast.?

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